Bad Practices You Thought Were Good For you

Bad Practices You Thought Were Good For you

Bad Practices You Thought Were Good For you; Keeping well has long been a fascination of humanity. In the past few hundred years, a huge amount of progress has been made in helping us all to feel well. But the journey hasn’t been an easy one and there have often been mistakes in understanding what is actually good for us.

Bad Practices You Thought Were Good For you

And sometimes it has been far more dangerous than the pointless old wives’ tales that didn’t do anything at all. Vaping website, Grey Haze has taken an in-depth look at the health habits of the past that were really bad for us.

While we now know that tobacco is really bad for us and can cause a multitude of health problems, for a long time it was promoted as having health benefits. While smokers now look for healthy alternatives for over five hundred years, most of the world believed tobacco had health benefits.

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From its discovery in the 1400’s, tobacco was promoted as helping with headaches, colds, warding off disease and boosting energy. Now we know that tobacco is highly addictive and comes with a plethora of other nasty side effects.

And it wasn’t just tobacco. Some of the more recent health habits that caused harm include taking shark cartilage between the 1950s and 1990s to prevent and treat cancer. John Prudden researched animal cartilage to treat cancer and tumours in the 1950s and as recently as 1992, a book entitled “Sharks Don’t Get Cancer: How Shark Cartilage Could Save Your Life” was published. We now know that not only do sharks get cancer, the cartilage doesn’t work as a treatment but can in fact cause a bad taste, nausea, vomiting, constipation, low blood pressure and fatigue.

For more unusual health habits that are very bad for you, read the infographic by Grey Haze in full!


Ultimately, I believe after having a look at this info-graphic you should be able to know how to curb such bad habits.

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bad practices you should avoidThis is a guest post from Georgia Davies, she teamed up with GreyHaze to create an infographic on Bad Practices You Thought Were Good For you. You could reach here via Email


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