3 Best Hair Growth Creams in Nigeria


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hair growth creams in Nigeria

Hair growth creams in Nigeria – This article would be detailed on the best hair growth creams in Nigeria and how to grow naturally long Nigerian hair.

I have decided to write this post bearing in mind the challenges most people face with keeping their natural hairs long, growing healthy hairs as well as boosting facial hair growth. Keep in mind that the products and natural remedies listed here can be used by both sexes.

Before I continue on the most effective best hair growth creams in Nigeria, I would love to ask you this question – “Do you like your natural hair?” If yes, “Would you love to keep it healthy and shiny?”

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I must confess that I was once like you, surfing the net for any hair growth cream that is tagged – “Boosts hair growth fast” and then after you purchase it, you find out it was nothing close to what it claimed to do. Your natural hair is definitely going to look great if you take good care of it, by so doing, your hair has higher chances of staying healthy without breaking etc.

Having a hard time growing and maintaining your hair?

Here are some of the reasons you need to look into ASAP…

  • Overuse of Chemicals

Many of our Nigerian ladies, guys as well believe a hair looks nice only when it has been relaxed but that’s not true. You go using these chemical products which damage your hair structure in the name of relaxing your hairs.

Most of these relaxers are pretty dangerous; they can go as far as damaging the skin on your scalp. I’m not saying don’t relax your hair but if you’re smart enough you would understand the point I’m trying to send across.

  • Over drying your hair

Over drying your hair equals having an over dry scalp skin, which is prone to breaking.

  • Improper product use

You’ve got Nigerian hair and you’re using hair products meant for Asians… does it sound OK to you? These products were formulated for them, bearing in mind the nature of their hair type and not some hard African hair.

You need to understand that hair types and properties vary from race to race. That’s why you hear stuffs like Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair etc. If you’re going to get any hair product again look for something more African formulated.

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Best Hair Growth Creams in Nigeria

These (3) three hair growth creams in Nigeria would be listed in no particular order, also bear in mind that these products I would be listing are based on high customer reviews (ratings) and nothing else.

  • Hair Wonder

hair wonder - best hair growth cream in nigeria

The very first hair growth cream in Nigeria that I would want to put out is the Hair Wonder Kit.

Hair Wonder products are arguably one of the most effective hair growth creams available online for the Nigerian market presently. This hair growth cream has been blended with the most powerful hair growth ingredients and essential oils.

It contains coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil and a list of other amazing ingredients. Best part is that it is suitable for all types of hairs.

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  • Andrea Hair Growth Essence Oil

hair growth creams in nigeria

One of the key features of the Andrea hair growth essence oil is that it’s good for both men and women. It’s made of natural roots and other organic materials.

It also helps to improve blood circulation and helps to prevent baldness.

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  • Hair Now Now

hair growth creams in nigeria

Hair Now Now growth serum would be my third and final on my list for the most effective and best hair growth creams in Nigeria.

One of the key features of this product is that the serum nourishes your scalp. It also eliminates breakages and repairs damaged hair lines for longer, softer and faster hair growth.

Guess what guys? You can also use it to significantly boost your beard growth.

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Natural Remedies to the Best Hair Growth Creams in Nigeria

Some of the best natural remedies for boosting hair growth are as follows;

  • Potato Juice

hair growth creams in nigeria

Here is what you need to do:

Wash and peel a potato (or few) and grate them. Then squeeze the juice out of the mesh. Apply the product to your scalp skin and leave on for half an hour. Then gently wash off with lukewarm water.

Why is potato juice good for growing long hair?

Why have I chosen potato juice as an effective remedy to the already listed hair growth creams in Nigeria?

The juice is full of vitamins, including such as A and B vitamins. It has many benefits to offer. It has no foul smell and can be easily rinsed off.
The juice promotes faster hair growth as well as makes it shiny and well-tended. It also keeps the skin on your head healthy and nurturing to the hair.

  • Egg Yolk Mask

hair growth creams in nigeria

Part of getting an effective natural remedy to the products I’ve listed above – Best hair growth creams in Nigeria.

Eggs are nourishing and your hair just needs that. Use one or few yolks (you can mix them up with a bit of vegetable oil for dry hair) and apply to your head skin and hair. You may avoid using shampoo as yolks will cleanse your hair well enough. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash off.

Ultimately, eating well, keeping your hair well moisturized and also picking the proper comb goes a long way in helping to maintain and have a healthy natural long Nigerian hair.

That’s it on the 3 best hair growth creams in Nigeria.

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  1. Potato juice on my hair??!! The egg mask Is doable for my hair. I use it for my protein treatment(I have low porosity hair). But the potato juice is not as something I think I will try willingly. Thanks for the info Anthony.

  2. Quite interesting. Haven’t heard about potato juice before. I’m thinking of the classification of potato on the food classes and I’m wondering how it’s elements work to enabling growth of any kind

      • Lol…..Interesting, the potato found in the kitchen?? I would have expected you to be specific whether Irish potato or sweet potato. Imagine if one of those who came across your blog use sweet potato on their hair😁😁😂.

  3. Nice article but i still consider shea butter which is very surplus in our environment, because if you check most of those products listed above, major ingredient is this shea butter and it can be used alone or mixed with whatever cream one is using. Being using it and have no reason, though it is a family business

  4. Please tell me exactly how you use the potato. How long do you keep the juice on your hair? Do you rinse it off? Do you put it on before or after you use shampoo? Or is it used in place of shampoo? Thanks for the info.

  5. I love my hair very very much, but unfortunately my hair are very thin and on the center of my head I am bit bold , please send me some important formulas wherein I can grow my hair again , and make it strong as well. I shall be highly appreciated of yours.
    Warm Regards
    Dham Singh Bisht


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