How to Make Your Next Açaí Bowl a Healthy One

What is an acai? An acai is a South American palm tree producing small edible blackish-purple berries. Keep reading to know how to make your next açaí bowl a healthy one. How do you make an acai bowl? Bowls are big right now, and for good reason. They’re easy to assemble, beautiful, and full of […]

Kayan Mata Herbs and How It Works

I was just as eager as you are the very first day I heard of the Kayan Mata Herbs. That being the case I set out on a journey into researching on what the kayan mata herbs are, where the kayan mata herbs originated from and how the kayan mata herbs actually work. Kayan Mata […]

TnT Virgin Noni – Nigerian home-grown superfruit

TnT Virgin Noni is another Noni containing herbal dietary supplement with amazing health benefits. “I am a diabetic with amputated right leg below my knee and wound became ulcerated. The bone was infected and the wound was discharging pus. I got to know about TnT virgin Noni after four (4) months on admission in this […]

Can you lose weight by eating one meal a day?

Can you lose weight by eating one meal a day? Is eating one meal a day healthy for you or not? What happens if you only eat one meal a day? Keep reading, for this blog post would address all these questions. Asides from the fact that a user from Quora personally requested that I […]

Vegetables and Foods to Avoid With the Fat Diminisher Diet

In this blog-post, I would be talking about Vegetables and Foods to avoid with the Fat Diminisher Diet and would also be giving you a total run down on everything you need to know about the Fat Diminisher Diet. For most people, especially the ladies/women, they skip breakfast all in the name of trying to […]

Is Banana A Fruit Or A Herb? What’s your pick?

This was a new as well as a big question for me. Is Banana a Fruit or a Herb? I was asked this recently and as if that wasn’t enough, sometime last week as I was going through my emails, I came across a question from Quora – ”Why are Banana trees classified as Herbs?” […]

6 Healthy Foods That Helps You Deal With Constipation

To start off, I must confess that I was a bit double-minded on the exact title to give this particular blog post. I was stuck in between naming it ‘6 healthy foods that helps you deal with constipation’ AND ‘6 healthy foods that helps you poop’. Either ways, I was able to pick that which […]

Apollo Noni Syrup – Best Herbal Dietary Supplement

“I heard of Apollo Noni Syrup through my friend and started using it about 9 months now. I have HIV and I have been very weak due to the condition of the disease. Now i am much stronger and active with an appreciable improvement of my CD4 count. My general well-being is good and I feel […]

Are energy drinks healthy? 8 reasons you need to look at!

Energy drinks have become increasingly popular amongst the people in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Energy drinks are intended to boost your energy, alertness and concentration. But then, are Energy Drinks worth taking daily same way you would for a bottle of water? People of all ages consume them and they continue to grow in […]

5 Reasons Instant Noodles Might Be Unhealthy For You

What are the possible indomie noodles side effect? Gone are the days instant noodles were seen to be inexpensive, with the current economic situation in Nigeria, I think it’s safe to say that the price of instant noodles have surprisingly doubled in the last two years. No doubt, instant noodles are a popular convenience food […]