Kayan Mata Herbs and How It Works

kayan mata herbs

I was just as eager as you are the very first day I heard of the Kayan Mata Herbs. That being the case I set out on a journey into researching on what the kayan mata herbs are, where the kayan mata herbs originated from and how the kayan mata herbs actually work.

Kayan Mata Herbs

This article is very detailed for it contains everything you need to know concerning the kayan mata meaning, kayan mata sweets, side effects of kayan mata and as well the tiger nuts and fertility tit bits.

Kayan Mata Meaning

kayan mata herbs

What does Kayan Mata actually mean?

In as much as you might see different meanings to kayan mata out there, Kayan Mata or KayanMata literally means a woman’s property. Splitting the word into two halves, Kaya means property while Mata means woman.

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However, Kayan Mata is actually a herb(s) that serve as love or sex enhancers. They are a combination of herbs, fruits and spices. These herbs claim to heighten the sexual feelings of one’s partner. The Kayan Mata herbs originated from the Northern tribes of Nigeria and have actually been used as love enhancers for over five centuries.

Just to clear the air, kayan mata isn’t actually a name for a particular aphrodisiac; rather they are Nigerian herbs that claim to stimulate sexual desires. These herbs were originally prepared to keep married couples and engaged people together but in recent times they have been seriously abused and are now being used my most young ladies to attract attention from rich men and make them buy expensive gift items for them.

Kayan mata could be said to be the one of the most common herbs women in the northern part of Nigeria use in keeping their sex lives revamped. Herbs that could only be sourced for remotely in some northern states in Nigeria are now been sold in online stores, offline stores and basically anyone involved in the aphrodisiacs business.

The kayan mata herbs constitute of various components ranging from sweetener powders, zuman mata/maza, sweets(women), gold fly/sex drops, lubricants etc. and the best of these can only be prepared in northern states like Sokoto, Maiduguri, Kebbi and Katsina.

Kayan Mata Sweets

Another important topic is the kayan mata sweets. The strong feelings you have for that lady/woman you seem to be in love with might not necessarily be natural per se. The kayan mata sweets are made specifically for women to chew as a way of preparing them for what would go down at the dark hours of the day or ungodly hours of the night. They are required to lick these sweets during the day once they are sure they would have someone get them laid that night.

It gives the lady a tingling sensation down there and could also turn women on that find it somehow difficult to get turned on during foreplay.

What you must know about Kayan Mata

It would be okay to add that using the kayan mata herbs has nothing to do with your age or using it for personal gains from rich men.

As far as you are married or sexually active you could indulge in using them. Most sexually active persons still rely on these herbs and even elderly ones too. So don’t let anyone fool you into believing they are evil or something like that.

Tiger nuts and Fertility

kayan mata herbs

You can find kayan mata in various forms and products, starting from tablet to perfumes and even boiled/cooked chicken.

The Tiger nut seems to be a very common recipe and so I would say one or two things about it. Tiger nuts also known as Kunun Aya could be said to be one of the best dishes to make any man want to go down that road with any lady around him, more especially his wife/fiancée/girlfriend.

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You can actually get the best tiger nuts from those aboki’s on the streets that hawk it in wheelbarrows. They are very healthy too and you might need to soak them in plenty of water if you find them dry. If you haven’t taken the tiger nut milk then you’re missing big time, it’s very tasty as well as acts as a stress/anxiety relieving drink.

One of the staffs in where I work makes this drink and trusts me I buy from her almost all the time. It is very good for people that find it hard to sleep at night too.

Side Effects of Kayan Mata

To the very best of my knowledge there have been no heard or reported cases of any side effects. To start with, they aren’t white medicines; they are just a mixture of herbs, spices and fruits.

Those who sell these kayan mata herbs claims that they do not include jazz, voodoo or charms which I think I stand to agree with. For this singular reason, they offer money back guarantees if they don’t work.

Just for the records, the kayan mata herbs are basically herbal sex supplements or sex enhancers.

Where to buy Kayan Mata

I believe we’ve gotten to the most important part of this article for those that might have wanted to get a total breakdown of what the kayan mata herbs are and how they work before purchasing it.

Where can you buy original kayan mata in Nigeria? Everyone wants something authentic and that’s why we took out time to interview two interesting as well as prolific sellers of the kayan mata herbs. One is a certified Marriage & Sex Coach while the other is solely a kayan mata dealer.

Interview Session with Certified Our Intimate Secret

Before we begin we would like to reiterate the fact that she’s a certified marriage & sex coach with a massive following of eight thousand plus followers on Instagram. To follow her on Instagram please search for @ourintimatesecret

You can now read the answers she gave us to the simple and short questions we asked.

1) What made you go into the selling of Kayan mata herbs and how long have you been in the business?

I’m a Certified Sex Therapist; I started selling Kayan Mata herbs about three years ago when I was looking for herbal alternatives to address the sexual needs of my clients.

2) What are the side effects, if any, when using Kayan mata herbs?

Kayan Mata herbs generally do not have side effects when you get the original ones, so make sure you buy from a trusted Seller, as you know here in Nigeria almost everything has original and fake/imitation.

3) Do the effects/results wear out after a while?

It depends, these herbs are meant to be used continuously, it is not a one off usage, so when used you enjoy the effects, when you do not use you don’t enjoy the benefit.

Interview Session with Kayan Maza Sexcode

Before we begin we would like to let you know that our second is solely a kayan mata dealer with a massive following of seven thousand plus followers on Instagram. To follow him on Instagram please search for @kayan_maza_sexcode

You can now read the answers he gave us to the simple and short questions we asked.

1) What made you go into the selling of Kayan mata herbs and how long have you been in the business?

I was very ignorant about all these herbs at first until I got a lead from a sister who has been staying in the north for quite some time now. She usually tells me how ladies are now using these Kayan Mata herbs to keep their men and how it really works with no spiritual attachment.

To be truthful I wasn’t really a fan because I don’t believe in what I haven’t seen. So my sister in the north decided to start-up something with me. She got a lead from one of the top dealers there and we decided to start selling.

It wasn’t really easy at first.  Gaining ground was one thing.  Getting customers was another. Convincing them to buy was the hardest. I was with her for a while but she later got so busy with other stuff she does. So I starting seeing a future in what I was doing and decided to start it up in a big way myself.

Naturally I have always loved herbal medicines, because of their potency and our fore fathers solely depended on them that made them lived longer and healthy. It is popularly known by almost everyone that herbs are natural, safe and results to no side effects on its usage. So I knew what I was getting myself into was natural and clean.

Anyway to cut long story short I’m the CEO kayan_maza_sexcode and I have gained a lot of followers in a short time. I am almost a year on Instagram. I have been in the business for 2 years plus now.

2) What are the side effects, if any, when using kayan mata herbs?

It depends on the type you used. 90% are safe as they are purely herbs.

3) Do the effects/results wear out after a while?

Yes many of them there results wear out after some period.

Ultimately, both sellers seem to have the same stand point. Have you used the kayan mata herbs before? What was the experience like? Did it work or not?

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