WHAT ARE HERBS? Natures gifts?


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what are herbs? nature's gift

What are herbs? this is one question asked by most individuals hoping to get a clear-cut answer as to what exactly are herbs. Are herbs medicinal plants or are herbs natures remedies?

What Are Herbs?

Per Wikipedia:

In general use, herbs are any plants used for food, flavoring, medicine, or perfume. Culinary use typically distinguishes herbs from spices. Herbs refer to the leafy green parts of a plant (either fresh or dried), while a “spice” is a product from another part of the plant (usually dried), including seeds, berries, bark, roots and fruits. In botanical English, the word “herb” is also used as a synonym of “herbaceous plat“.

Leaving its definition in general use and defining what a herb is in context with health would take a slightly different angle from that of Wikipedia. First of all, there are different types of herbs and herbs have a variety of uses including culinary, medicinal, and in some cases, the term “herbs” refers to plants or parts of them, including grasses, flowers, berries, seeds, leaves, nuts, stems, stalks and roots, which are used for their therapeutic and health enhancing properties – Apollo Noni

With the approach of talented home-grown experts, scientists and researchers, they have refined and tried the incomprehensible exploration of herbology, creating a large number of plant-based cures that are sheltered and viable. The correct and reasonable utilization of herbs is regularly fruitful in the treatment of ailment when other, more customary medicines and strategies fall flat.  Herbs can be used to cleanse the bowels, open congested sinuses, help mend broken bones, stimulate the brain, increase libido, ease pain, aid digestion, and a thousand other purposes.

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Topically, herbs can repair damaged skin, soothe a wound, improve complexion, heal bruises and relieve aching muscles. Herbs demonstrate great versatility for the treatment of a broad variety of health needs. Still interested in knowing what a herb is? Keep reading for I’ve got more interesting content for you.

However, medicinal herbs are any non-woody seed-bearing plants and or plants with leaves, seeds, or flowers that are used for flavor, food, medicine as well as scent. In years gone by, almost all medicines were made from medicinal herbs. Primitive people continuously searched for plants that could make them sleep, those that could keep them awake, plants that helped to heal sunburned skin, plants to heal stomach problems and plants for lots more ailments.  They were very much satisfied of their findings. By trial and error man discovered what plants are best for us and those that can hurt us. Isn’t that fascinating?


Just like any other crop or plant, medicinal herbs do have their own seasons. There is a period when they grow and there is a time when they bloom. There is also a time when they bring forth fruits. There is a time when they are reaped and utilized for their full potential in nutrition and medicine! These herbs when ripe can be consumed in their natural state, in other words, some may be used naturally raw. They can also be crushed as well as consumed as herbal teas or else grounded into a powder then put in capsules and or tablets.

Are you still confused as to what herbs are or you’ve gained a full knowledge of what they are? If you cannot explain to someone else what a herb is after reading up to this point, then I’m tempted to say you need prayers…LOL


Again, just like normal crops and plants on a farmer’s farm, medicinal herbs can be categorized as perennial herbs, annual herbs, ornamental herbs as well as biennial herbs and they are all God’s gift for us to use in whichever way best suits us and basically, to battle the a huge number of diseases that influence us every day. Their advantages are essentially to help and mend us actually with no symptoms or side effects.

Ultimately, this is one question that would still be asked a thousand times and a thousand years from now and sadly enough, the answer would remain the same for all herb-minded people that they are herbal remedies and answers to thousands of people who had given up hope for a cure of their sicknesses and diseases.

I hope with these few 765 words of mine, I’ve been able to do justice on explaining in details what a herb is? Did you love this post? Do you have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to share with friends or leave a comment below.


  1. Sincerely, herbs are the answers to thousands of people who had given up hope for a cure of their sicknesses and diseases.

    Nature has a lot to offer us still… We just have to look more into it.

    Just imagine that the good bacteria in our gut called “probiotics” can aid in weight loss, cure diarrhea, boost immune system, cure bad breath, and many other awesome things.

    Check this probiotics post http://zealhealthclinic.com/10-awesome-ways-probiotics-boosts-your-health/

  2. We are waiting for the herbal way jawe. Some of us are tired of side effects from drugs. God bless u Baba Agbo .( agbo means herbs)

    • Well this is one hell of a question, but here’s my best answer. Weed in its rawest form is a herb because it comes from a plant. After you take it from the plant, you can make it into a drug and it becomes a hallucinogen because if smoked or orally consumed and this can cause absurd side effects and complications. So yes! in its rawest form it is a herb, after you take it out from the plant it’s no longer a herb.

  3. I think you did a wonderful job defining the essence and important of herbs. I believe also that herbs will form the foundation of health care and medicine in the near future

  4. Excellent post on herbs, very informative. I wonder why the other specialists of the herbal sector don’t notice this. You should continue your writing. I am sure, you have a great readers’ base already!

  5. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information on herbs and its definition and usefulness.
    I’m glad that you shared this helpful information with us.
    Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.


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